Our Price

The table below shows the current industry milk prices.

From 1 May 2018

Source:  www.milkprices.com

The milk prices displayed are based on the following constituents:

  • 4% butterfat
  • 3.3% protein
  • 30 bactoscan
  • 200 somatic cell count
  • One million litre producer on every other day collection

Notes to the table:

The Tesco and Sainsbury's prices listed on the table below are for Arla farmers on a direct contact only

Company Price
Tesco 29.84ppl
Sainsbury's 28.12ppl
Co-op 27.99ppl
Dairy Crest Davidstow 26.92ppl
Arla UK owners 26.39ppl
Müller 26.00ppl
First Milk 26.00ppl
Arla Foods Direct 24.30ppl